Shopping with triplets plus 1, is it possible or even necessary?

by sue on January 5, 2011

in Parenting

Going grocery shopping just isn’t the same anymore. When I was pregnant with my triplets, I was put on ‘house-rest’ around 24 weeks. My OB/GYN’s definition of house-rest meant that I could not leave my house, and I needed at least 6 hours of inactivity. This changed my world! I was the sole grocery shopper in our house, and now I couldn’t even run to the grocery store to pick up last minute needed items. I didn’t have the luxury of walking up-n-down the isles to be visually reminded of those things that I failed to add to the list. Not to mention that I had to make sure the shopping list included, how many of each item, brand name and size of each container. Creating this list took me as long if not longer than the trip to the grocery store. Sound like no big deal? Go ahead and try it… I dare you.

Once the babies arrived, it was cold outside and they were preemies, so there really wasn’t much reason to head out in the cold. HubbyBee continued the shopping and YES, I REALLY MISSED IT! I would beg to go to Super Target on the weekends, just to get out of the house. At first, we used a triple decker stroller, the kind that the car seats snap into. It was hard to turn, and drew so much attention, it was truly embarrassing. After much research we purchased a Duallie BOB Revolution stroller to go with our Single Bob Revolution Stroller. They have a front tire that swivels, and the strollers go over everything with the greatest of easy. The one thing I hadn’t thought of is that if we walked a bit apart, no one would know that we had triplets. It just looked like twins, and although people still notice, twins do not cause people to stop you and ask ghastly questions, that take more than 10 minutes of your precious time. The Duallie also has a ton of room in front of the babies legs, so littleBee1 could hop on at any time.

Now that the babies are 1 year old, and can sit in the shopping cart, I only need to bring the double stroller and use one shopping cart… Yes, I still need another set of hands and lucky for me, grammaBee comes along.

Now I’m not sure if I would ever want to go shopping with 4 kids by myself, but it sure would be nice if I had a choice… THEN IT HAPPENED!… I went to a Target that I haven’t been to for a while and in the corner, glowing from a light above, it was there, a shopping cart with a compartment that would hold 4 kids. The cart was brand new and the seat belts all worked. I couldn’t believe it, I could put all 3 babies in one cart, and littleBee1 had a seat that she could get in-and-out of as she chose.

Unfortunately this cart cannot be found at my SuperTarget or any of the other grocery stores I’ve been to, so I cannot count on this happening every time I go shopping, but it is nice to know that they are making carts that allow me to shop without the help of another.

So if you have triplets, or 3 plus kids that need to be belted into a seat, let’s work together… fill out a comment card at your grocer, and ask the manager to look into the purchase of a few of these carts so we can shop independently. Having triplets has forced me to accept help, but there is no reason each store can’t purchase a few of these types of carts so we can help ourselves once in a while.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.


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